Home Debt-Free Money Engine of Destruction Inflation Peoples Pensions 4-page Notes 12-page Briefing The Problems with Usury Saudi Finance Malaysia The Problems with the Euro

By Loretta Napoleoni

bulletSleeping with the Enemy - An Analysis of Saudi financing terrorists as the result of Washington's capitalist 'training'

By the Lord Sudeley FSA

bulletThe Sudeley Bankruptcy and its Contemporary Significance 
bulletUsury or Taking Interest for Lending Money 

By Richard Murphy

EDM 854: Publicly Created Money and Monetary Reform

bullet4-page Briefing Notes - in pdf format
bullet12-page Briefing Document - in pdf format

In cooperation with Colin Hines and Alan Simpson MP

bulletPeople's Pensions - in pdf format

By Margaret Legum, co-founder of SANE, South Africa New Economics, affiliated to the New Economics Founcation in London. 

bulletHow to Make Money Debt-Free
bulletHow Malaysia got away with IMF Heresy

By Sabine K McNeill

bulletThe Problems with the Euro - An Analysis from a Monetary and German Perspective

By Thomas H. Greco Jr.

bulletEngine of Destruction - An Analysis of the 'magic' of compound interest


Amos, D.J.           The Story of the Commonwealth Bank         3.25
Armstrong, A.D.    To Restrain the Red Horse   11.95
Christian Doctrine  Wealth: A Christian View of  Wealth  - Committee of the Congregational Union of Scotland  3.50
Douglas, C.H.   The Monopoly of Credit     P/B      10.00
  Economic Democracy  P/B      10.00
French, D. The Case for Community Banking     4.50
Grubiak, O. & J. The Guernsey Experiment    5.75
Hutchinson, F.  What Everybody really wants to Know about Money 14.00
Lee, G & Bird, C  Breaking the Bank 9.95
Malan, J.D. Natural Cost and the Ownership of Money  0.95
Palast, G.  The Best Democracy Money Can Buy   H/B     18.99
Rowbotham, M.   Goodbye America!     13.25
  The Grip of Death   17.95
Stuart, J.G. The Money Bomb P/B      4.50
Sudeley, Lord Are Banks Misusing Your Money?  1.50
Tankerville, Earl of  Poverty Amidst Plenty   1.00

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