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The Internet Age Expects Innovative Solutions

1.       Agenda 21 is an Agreement between Governments and Citizens for the 21st Century

¨      Paragraph 33 asks for ‘Innovative Financial Mechanisms’

2.      The Government

¨      Can Create New Money Free of Interest to the Taxpayer

3.      Public Expenditure such as Social Security, Health and Education

¨      Could be Financed by Interest-Free Money - given the permanent lack of cash

4.      The National Debt (Cancelled between 1815 and 1854)

¨      Should be Paid Off by Money Created by the State rather than Banks - to avoid paying interest on interest

5.      Central Banks

¨      Should introduce 100% reserve banking

6.      Banks

¨      Should practice 100% reserve banking & put Customers first

7.      Businesses

¨      Could Join Commercial Barter Companies to Facilitate Trade and Compensate for the increasing lack of cash

8.      Employers

¨      Could Pay Employees in Local Barter Currencies to make up for the exponentially growing lack of cash

9.      Employees and the Unemployed can Join

¨      Time Bank Schemes

¨      Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)

¨      Local Credit Unions

10.   Bankrupts can Join

¨      Associations of Bank Victims  

11.   The National Assembly for Wales could bring in

12.   The UK Government could bring in Stable Sterling

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