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Historic and Systemic Problems create Serious Victims 

The system of issuing money as interest-bearing credit by banks, to individuals, companies and governments, implies compounding interest on interest in exponential ways also called growth in terms of mathematical curve, and inflation in terms of economic value.

The system of currency trading and commodity dealing implies that more and more financial transactions are based on speculation (93%) rather than money serving as a medium of exchange (7%).

Having to supply social security money with less and less value to more and more and aging people leads to social imbalances.

Companies (incl. banks) having to have growth for the sake of growth and profits for their shareholders leads to more and more environmental degradation and exploitation of natural resources.

The system of legalising banking practice based on shareholder values implies more and more victims of banks: bankruptcies, unemployment, suicides, possession of homes also called he who pays the lawyer wins the case.