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Our Concerns about Banks and Governments

POLITICS: Democracy is an Economic Issue

·        Political Democracy = Elections; Economic Democracy = Financial Independence for Governments and Citizens

Debt is a Global Issue

·        Indebtedness is Personal, Corporate and Governmental

Poverty is a Non-Governmental Concern of Citizens

·        Seattle 1999 - Jubilee 2000 - Washington April 2000 - Melbourne September 2000

ECONOMICS: The Monetary System is a Political Challenge

·        The Monetary System needs a Long-Term Perspective

·        The Monetary System should be beyond Party Politics

·        Monetary Reform is an Educational, Social and Political Issue

The Economic System is a Legal Minefield

·        The Law Favours Banks & Lawyers Favour Rich Clients

BANKING: Debt Management Creates Unemployment

·        Over-Charging Creates Bankruptcies

·        Bad Lending and Mis-Selling creates Bank Victims

The Financial System is a Corporate Challenge

·        Banks’ Policies favour Shareholders’ Values over delivering Service to Accountholders

·        Banks have a Monopoly on Creating Money and practising Fractional Reserve Banking

·        Banks use Arbitrary Rates as Pricing Strategies

PEOPLE: Victims Have to Help Themselves

·        Alternatives to Banking, Bankruptcies and Unemployment

Money is an Ethical Issue

·        The Media Report what Banks Advertise

·        Usury (lending money at interest) is a sin in Islam and disapproved of in the Christian, Jewish and most other traditions


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