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John Turmel is undoubtedly the most stuntman-like campaigner for a Global LETS. See for yourself on John  founded the Abolition Party of Canada to abolish interest rates and has a Guinness Record for losing elections.

He proves his amazing intelligence not only as a consistently winning professional gambler but also with his oath as an engineer who needs to fix a system when he sees a fault. He types as fast as he plays the accordeon. Therefore some people's mailboxes have not stood his avalanche of words. 

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"The Earth Rainbow Network, founded in February 1997, has an extensive list of  1600+ people in nearly 50 countries sharing information, visions and feedbacks on a broad range of subjects as a way to expand and deepen global awareness and the sense of forming a global spiritual community gradually empowering itself to contribute in shaping the future of this world. To be added on this list write to and simply include "Add me to your list" in the subject field of your email. You may also check the Earth Rainbow Network website at and read some of the material posted to this list and linked at the bottom of the homepage of this site."