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The Campaign for Interest Free Money is one of the organisational hats that is contributing to our individual efforts:

John Courtneidge is the most avid campaigner, both on- and off-line. He also attends regularly the meetings at the Global Café, one of the earliest Internet Cafés in Central London.


To Advocate Financial Tools for Exchange
Free from Debt, Interest and inflation

Global Café
15 Golden Square
· London W1R 3AG
(01992) 501 854 · [X instead of @ to prevent spam]


Why Interest-Free? Because interest-based economics
creates unemployment, social violence and pollution.

Our Mission

The Campaign for Interest-Free Money was set up in 1997 to

¨       raise awareness of the problems and the opportunities
that surround money as the instrument for human exchange

¨       provide educational materials for people at any level
of economic, political and civic understanding

¨       promote practical methods for positive
and constructive implementation.

We know that it is possible to live on this planet in ways that are

¨       economically equitable between rich and poor
so that everybody gains and wins

¨       ecologically sustainable for the resources of our earth

¨       ethically justifiable before our conscience
throughout our life time

¨       morally acceptable by future generations.

The mechanism we advocate
is properly regulated money supply

through a public service banking system -
comparable to the public library service.

Such financial tools for exchange are being supplied
at many levels: LETS, (Local Exchange Trade Systems),
Credit Unions, Commercial Barter, Countertrade, TimeDollars
and all sorts of co-operative activities.

Our Philosophy

On the brink of a new millennium, we owe it to future generations to combine the best of the human spirit and intelligence towards conscious efforts for change. We can shift our focus away from problems to emphasise solutions. Problems are inherited from the past while new opportunities can create turning points in history.

With the trend of globalisation and thanks to the Internet, efforts can now be made across national and other boundaries. International banking practices can be changed such that crashes due to phenomenal debts can be avoided.

Stabilising Globalisation – as a natural step after sustainable development – is our strategy for debt- and interest-free money – to move from unregulated capitalism to Global Equalism.

In this spirit, we have put together a Programme of Activities, Access to Educational Resources and Campaigning Materials:

Our Programme

Considering the increasing human and environmental crises, we see the year 2000 as a critical turning point. Hence the Campaign iis working on certain key events as landmarks:

1.      Monetary Education

·         Public Meetings at the Houses of Parliament and other venues in the country

2.      Political Campaigning

·         Democratic Potential for EURO - Petition No. 1299/97 to the European Parliament to implement EURO with legislative parliamentary powers and the right for citizens to petition

·         Debt-Free Money Supply - a letter to MPs and MEPs for people in their own constituency about an alternative to money shortage and inflation

·         Constituency membership - an invitation to people to develop relationships with their politicians to discuss the issues in each of the 650 constituencies

3.      Alliance Building

·         Third Sector Support - a networking initiative among like-minded groups, individuals and organisations

·         Imagine Money Fairness - a postcard campaign
for everybody who wants to learn about the problems, participate in solutions and opportunities and express their vision of a world built on monetary fairness

·        Barter membership - a real initiative to practice
cash-free exchanges among businesses through
commercial companies and community members
through LETS or Time Credits

4.      Monetary Research

·        Public Service Banking - a questionnaire for banks and bankers to express their level of understanding of the problems and their commitment to change and new opportunities

Information and Resources

Freedom from Usury - Time to Stop Lending Money at Interest

Critical and Interesting Essays on Globally Sustainable Capitalism

1. Interest- and Inflation-Free Money - Margrit Kennedy

2. Essays in Persuasion - John Maynard Keynes

3. In Restraint of Usury - Sir Harry Page

4. Alternatives to Global Capitalism - Ulrich Duchrow

5. Christian Mission to the Capitalist World -
Canon Peter Challen

5.      Abolish Usury - John Courtneidge

For a free copy of this pack,. phone John on 01992 501 854 or email [X instead of @ to prevent spam]

The debt ®  interest ®  inflation system hurts everyone:
rich and poor, people and planet.

In the UK,

§         the national debt at £400 billion amounts to £7729 per person

·                annual interest payments are £24.6 billion - £11.6 bn more than spent on education and employment.

Do you know that the Government could wipe out its debt
by issuing interest-free notes and coins?

 Our Campaigning Materials

Poems and Sample Letters on Money Supply to
Potential Allies, MPs, MEPs, Local Councillors, Lords and Bankers

Email Addresses

Sabine McNeill: [X instead of @ to prevent spam]
John Courtneidge: or

Peter Challen: or

Your Response

To become a Campaign Supporter, please contact us
to discuss how we can help each other:

Canon Peter Challen (0207) 207 0509
John Courtneidge (01992) 501 854
Sabine McNeill (0207) 328 3701

Your Support

We invite families or individuals to support the Campaign in any way, perhaps by direct debit (say £1 per week or per month)
to the Campaign account: The Co-operative Bank
Sorting Code: 08-92-50 Account: 500 10008

A Canadian journalist estimated that only one in a thousand
people understands how money is made.

Join us in changing that percentage!