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Designer of European Currency Unit on the Future of Money

at the House of Lords, May 18th, 6pm, Committee Room 4


Prof. Bernard Lietaer has been active in the domain of money systems for over 25 years in an unusual variety of functions. His first book (MIT Press 1969) developed new technologies for multinational corporations to manage multiple currency environments. He then moved to the other end of the spectrum helping developing countries improve their hard currency earnings.

Subsequently while he was Professor of International Finance at the University of Louvain, the oldest university in his native Belgium, he wrote the first book announcing the Latin American debt crisis (Praeger, 1979; Presses Universitaires de France, 1981; Fondo de Cultura Economica Mexico, 1987).

He was head of the Organization and Computer Departments at the Central Bank in Belgium, where his first project was to design and implement the single European Currency Unit (ECU, the convergence mechanism that matured to the Euro). During that period, he also served as President of Belgium’s Electronic Payment System, credited as the most comprehensive and cost effective payment system in the world.

Afterwards, he co-founded one of the largest and most successful off-shore currency funds becoming its General Manager and Currency Trader.

He was a Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Resources at the University of California at Berkeley and sponsored by two German foundations to establish a ‘Global Reference Currency’. His books, The Future of Money and The Mystery of Money have been published in German by Bertelsmann and will appear in English in May 2001.

This talk is one of a regular series of meetings at the House of Lords to commit long-term strategic and systemic thinking to the financial symptoms and economic effects of monetary causes. For over two years, the Forum has brought together victims of banks with political and economic analysts in the following context:

¨      Money should be the servant not the master of humanity.

¨      Banks’ abilities to create money out of nothing must be curtailed.

¨      Governments need to take responsibility for the Money Supply
to ensure its Value
The Rt Hon Lord Caithness

¨ Personal responsibility needs to be maximised.

For further information, please call Sabine McNeill on 020 7328 3701.