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Senior Insolvency Expert to Address Forum for Stable Currencies

On Thursday, March 9th, K. C. S. Hilary Linnell will be speaking in Committee Room 4 in the House of Lords on “Flaws in the Practice of Insolvency Practitioners”. The Forum discusses its open agenda from 6pm to 7pm after which the speaker takes the floor followed by questions and open debate that generally goes on until 9pm.

This is the seventh in a series of talks held this Parliamentary Year on Legal Issues of Financial Scandals and their Monetary Causes.

Chairman Donald Martin says: “Many people talk easily about financial scandals as the effects of our monetary system, but nobody addresses its causes. We are here to raise the issues and to try to remedy the cause by suggesting amendments to legislation. The Financial Services and Markets Bill is our first attempt. Unfortunately, most politicians don’t have the time to think long enough and deeply enough about these rather complex topics. However, the continuous increase in suicides, repossessions, bankruptcies and various actions by the banks should make us question whether economic affairs the way that banks have organised it for us, is the best we can come up with for a world in serious financial turmoil.”

Kay Catherine Sheila Hilary Linnell, is a senior manager in the firm H.W. Fisher & Company specialising in Forensic Accounting, Litigation Support, Expert Witness, Arbitration assignments and company secretarial matters in the practice.

She was previously employed by Inland Revenue as the Board of the Inland Revenue's Chief Investigating Accountant and subsequently became Chief Executive of the Joint Insolvency Monitoring Unit Limited, a company limited by the guarantee to regulate the insolvency profession under the auspices of the Department of Trade & Industry.

She is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Sheffield, is a fellow of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a Freeman of the Worship Company of Arbitrators and a Freeman of the City of London.

The Forum for Stable Currencies began to meet at the House of Lords in February 1998 under the auspices of Lord Sudeley whose great-grandfather was made bankrupt by Lloyds. Lord Sudeley has studied bankruptcies and their causes in depth, as the same practices continue to be in operation today. Since Lord Sudeley was not re-elected, Lord Ahmed of Rotherham is hosting the meetings. As a Muslim, he is against the practice of taking interest for lending money.

Austin Mitchell MP has addressed and supported the Forum ever since its inception and other MPs and Peers have shown their support on various occasions.

For further information, please call Sabine McNeill on 0207 328 3701.

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