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Meetings 1999 / 2000

Please scroll down this page for the Programme of Meetings
for the 1999/2000 Parliamentary Year

Legal Issues of Financial Scandals
and their Monetary Causes

A Series of Discussions at the House of Lords

All meetings are held from 6pm to 9pm
in a Committee Room at the House of Lords.
Please ask at the Enquiry Desk for Lord Ahmed’s booking.

To serve as Briefing Materials for Parliamentarians, 
meetings are recorded on video.
Weds. David Pidcock, Founder of the Islamic Party in Britain
Oct 13 The Crime of Usury and the Practice of Islamic Banking

Notes of the meeting

Thur. John Tomlinson, Canadian economist from Oxford and author of 'Honest Money'
Nov 4 The Failure of the Debt-Based Money System

Notes of the meeting

Tues Christopher Stockwell, Chairman of Lloyds Names Associations’ Working Party
Nov 23 The Legal Immunity of Lloyds

Notes of the meeting

Weds Tim Lawson-Cruttenden
Dec 15 The Legal Aspects of Bankruptcy

Notes of the meeting

Tues Eddy Wetherill, Chief Executive, Independent Banking Advisory Service
Jan 18 'The Full Spectrum of 20,000 Enquiries a Year'

Notes of the meeting

Weds Gill Hankey, Bankruptcy Advisory Service
Feb 9 The Main Causes of Bankruptcies

Notes of the meeting

Thurs Kay C S H Linnell
Mar 9 Flaws in the Practice of Insolvency Practitioners


Tues Christopher Arkell, Accountant
Mar 28 The Malpractice of Creditors Doubling their Claims


Weds Prof. Christer – Prof. Prem Sikka
Apr 19 The Erratic Character of Bank Foreclosures


Thur Prof. Bernard Lietaer, designer of ECU, European Currency Unit, forerunner of EURO
May 18 The End of the Monopoly on National Currencies and the Future of Money


Tues Dr Chapman, Economic Historian
Jun 6 Banks and Small Firms in a Historical Perspective

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