2000 / 2001

Home Up Programme

Forum for Stable Currencies

Advocating Economic Democracy

through Freedom from Debt

Convenor: Lord Sudeley FSA; Host: Lord Ahmed
 Chairman: Donald Martin, Company Director
Austin Mitchell MP; Organiser: Sabine McNeill
Minute Secretary:
Canon Peter Challen, Chairman, Christian Council for Monetary Justice


private.com? public.gov? or UK Unlimited?

Banks as Usurers or the State as Money Creator?

These are the Questions we Raise when we Debate
Legal Issues, Financial Scandals and their Monetary Causes
in Meetings at the House of Lords


¨      Money should be the servant not the master of humanity.

¨      Banks’ abilities to create money out of nothing must be curtailed.

¨      Personal responsibility needs to be maximised.

¨      Governments need to take responsibility for the Supply of Money to ensure its Value.



Governments need to appreciate long term implications of financial institutions
in the short term thinking of the Internet Age.
   The Rt Hon Lord Caithness

Money is a Medium of Exchange and not the Mother of Interest.   Aristotle

There’s always enough money for war and never for health and education. Norman Smith MP, 1944

LLOYD’S LAW REPORTS, 1983, Vol 1. Page 38
”Interest is not, of course, only the benefit to be had from the use of money in times of stable currency.  It is also compensation for the diminished value of the pounds, dollars or rupees when they are received, compared with what their value would have been when they should have been received.  But prevailing interest rates are an imperfect instrument for that purpose.  They depend on the market’s current forecast of future inflation as well as a great many other things.”  Mr. Justice Staughton in an arbitration award between La Pintada Co. and The President of India where the vessel La Pintada was hired by charterers who included Tony Blair