Oct 03

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Dear Colleague,


This invitation comes to you because you either signed EDM 1515 last year or EDM 854 this year.  You are now invited to three follow-up meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies that will give you more information about the reasons for these EMDs.


The meetings are:

Wednesday, Oct 22nd 2003, Room G – Blackrod’s Entrance

ISLAMIC ALTERNATIVES to Interest-Based Banking and Finance

Waheed Qaiser - Gohar Bilal - Tarek El Diwany

The fundamental differences between conventional debt- and interest-based banking and finance and Islamic principles.



Wednesday, Nov 12th 2003, Committee Room 4 – St. Stephen’s Gate entrance

MODERN JIHAD: Tracing the Dollars behind the Terror Networks

Loretta Napoleoni

An astounding book illustrating how a destructive monetary system breeds criminals: 5% of the world’s GDP are created as Treasury Bonds that can be changed into cash and are moved as $100 bills in suitcases to pay for arms and drugs.



Tuesday, Nov 25th 2003, Room G - – Blackrod’s Entrance


Dr. John Courtneidge - Richard Murphy - Richard Greaves

A report on the third attempt to make the creation of money a Parliamentary issue – from the author of “New Initiatives for Public Finance”, the co-author of “People’s Pensions” together with Alan Simpson MP and a former solicitor.


I have been sponsoring the Forum since its beginnings in 1999 and look forward to the positive differences it can bring about. I hope you will be interested in its development.


 Yours sincerely,



Austin Mitchell MP