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AGENDA – Thursday, March 9th, 6pm – 9pm, Committee Room 4, House of Lords

1.       Reminder of Context

       Money is the servant not the master of humanity.

       Banks’ abilities to create money out of nothing must be curtailed.

       Governments need to take responsibility for the Money Supply to ensure its Value   The Rt Hon Lord Caithness

       Personal responsibility needs to be maximised

2.       Comments on notes of last meeting

3.       Drafting a Banking Bill

4.       Financial Services and Markets Bill

5.   Questions to HMG regarding the Banking Ombudsman

6.   Questions to HMG regarding Indebtedness

7.       Briefing Material for Parliamentarians

       Video recordings

       Monday Club Publication

       Early Day Motions

8.       Exploring a Welsh Pound

9.      The Press

10.       A Steering Committee

11.    Internet News?

12.  Positive News?

13.    Flaws in the Practice of Insolvency Practitioners

14.  AOB