January 14th

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Wednesday, January14th, 6pm

Committee Room G, Blackrod's Entrance


A Joint Project with the Voluntary ‘Simultaneous Policy’ Initiative


There are a number of initiatives that use web and net technologies with a view to making politics on-line since the ballot box does not seem to be sufficient any more.

www.publicwhip.org.uk has taken the official transcripts of the House of Commons since 1988 and turned them into a data base that is searchable by the votes of our MPs. Voting patterns give us an indication about our MPs just as their signatures of Early Day Motions http://edm.ais.co.uk    

With a view to getting our concerns heard by the Treasury Select Committee, concerned citizens from the respective constituencies are now invited to ‘adopt’ its members for developing informed dialogues:

Mr John McFall (Chairman), Labour, Dumbarton
Mr Nigel Beard, Labour, Bexleyheath and Crayford
Mr Jim Cousins, Labour, Newcastle upon Tyne Central
Angela Eagle, Labour, Wallasey
Mr Michael Fallon, Conservative, Sevenoaks, (Sub-committee Chairman)
Norman Lamb, Lib Dem, North Norfolk
John Mann, L, Bassetlaw
Mr George Mudie, Labour, Leeds East
Mr James Plaskitt, Labour, Warwick and Leamington
Mr David Ruffley, Conservative, Bury St Edmunds
Mr Andrew Tyrie, Conservative, Chichester.

Church Action on Poverty reminds us of debts on our doorstep caused by extortionate interest rates for cash loans. www.jubilee2000uk.org  examines the debt problem with emphasis on Third World debts. www.lifeanddebt.org illustrates the impact of the IMF on Jamaican farmers. How many more generations will need to pay interest for National Debts when the Government could increase its interest-free share in the money supply any time now???