November 25

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Dr. John Courtneidge - Richard Murphy - Richard Greaves

EDM 1515 in 2002 called for Using the Public Credit

EDM 854 in 2003 asks for an Inquiry into the possible benefits of Publicly Created Money.
EDM 1515 with 24 and EDM 854 with 26 signatures have thus set signals for under-standing the mechanisms of money creation and supply in a Parliamentary context.

Interest on debt constitutes some 22% of taxpayers' money spent by Government - generally slightly more than the military budget. Who benefits? And how does the exponential growth of compounding interest effect the country's economy and the Government's budget?

Public Services have been suffering noticeably and the Public Services Forum is an opportunity to draw the Unions' attention to the devastating effects of our debt- and interest-based monetary system.

After John Courtneidge's article "New Initiatives for Public Finance" was published in "Voice of the Unions", we will hear a report on the latest attempts of raising awareness among those who suffer most: the workers and employees - whether personally through health and education, or collectively through transport and pensions. 

Dr. John Courtneidge is a chemist, town councillor, Quaker, co-operator and socialist. He co-founded the Campaign for Interest-Free Money in 1997 and has been an active supporter of monetary reform on many levels.

Richard Murphy is the mastermind behind EDM 854: an accomplished accountant and business man.

Richard Greaves worked as a solicitor for 15 years before becoming interested in economics and politics, including the power of banks in money creation.