March 11

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March 11th: The Tobin Tax

David Hillman Tobin Tax Network coordinator (+ new 10 minute film)

Alan Sitkin former Currency Trader, now lecturer in business studies The present concept of the Tobin Tax proposes the taxing of foreign exchange transactions to prevent currency crises with revenues going to International Development.  It is named after the late Nobel Laureate James Tobin.

In Britain, the Tobin Tax Network launched a year ago by War on Want is now a coalition of over 50 charities, campaign agencies, faith groups and trade unions representing millions of UK citizens. Renewed interest in the Tobin tax over the last few years started after the South-East Asian currency crises of the late 1990ies and have been combined with a growing clamour for innovative sources of financing international development to meet the UN Millennium Goals to halve world poverty by 2015.

Alan Sitkin has a unique perspective on the considerable dangers of unregulated foreign exchange trading. A former currency trader, now lecturer at the European Business School, his experiences of Black Wednesday are important testament to the true goings-on of this market.

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