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June 19th: Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy is an economics graduate and chartered accountant. He trained with what is now KPMG before starting his own firm at the age of 26. This grew to have three partners and eight hundred clients before he and his partners sold it in 2000 to concentrate on other activities. He has also been chairman, chief executive or finance director of nine SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) over the last 15 years and continues his active involvement in the commercial economy at present.

Richard has written on taxation and accounting matters for many years, both within the profession and now as a regular contributor to the Observer.

He campaigned for Oxfam in the 1980s and has been involved in new economics in some way since the first TOES (The Other Economic Summit). He now campaigns on reform in three areas: international tax, pensions and the money supply. He created the economic thinking behind the "People’s Pensions Report" published in 2003 and wrote most of the Briefing Document for Early Day Motion 854. He is currently undertaking work on the economics of extortionate lending for the New Economics Foundation, Church Action on Poverty and the Debt on the Doorstep Campaign.