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After having experienced many different Committee rooms in both Houses of Parliaments, including the splendour of the Moses Room in the House of Lords, we now tend to meet in Room G. It has its separate security at the far end of the building, opposite Big Ben, marked "Blackrod's Entrance".

Meetings are open to anyone. We always start with short introductions so that we know who is who and can network after the talk and discussion which is effectively a process of mutual education. 

To provide Briefing Materials for Parliamentarians, Lord Sudeley obtained permission for us to video sessions until we were told that the rules of the House do not permit so.  Since then we have been audio taping. 

In addition, informal Notes have been taken and distributed by Canon Peter Challen. Please email him if you want to be included on his list.

While we began meeting at the House of Lords under the auspices of Lord Sudeley in 1998, more and more support gathered and more regularity became established - culminating in the publication of annual programmes.


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