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My Monetary History

I started the first LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) in London in 1989 and designed the Green Money Tree. Thanks to the Net, I met Canadians John Turmel and Pauline Morrissette in 1997. They introduced me to the Christian Council for Monetary Justice (CCMJ) at a meeting in Crewe where I promised to make something happen in London.

First I set up weekly meetings at the Global Café. Then I phoned Canon Peter Challen who had organised an Economic Forum for his parish for five years where I had represented LETS. I also phoned Mary Fee who organises LetsLInk London. Having been a professional event organiser, I then organised the annual meeting of CCMJ at the House of Commons where I met Bank Victims for the first time. Peter then became Chairman of CCMJ. 

In June 1997, at the first meeting of the Bromsgrove Group, some of us co-founded the Campaign for Interest-Free Money which was the brain child of John Courtneidge

Lord Sudeley came to the Global Café one day and I gradually began to build meetings at the House of Lords. They became the Forum for Stable Currencies. In summer 1999, Elizabeth Harper offered her voluntary support and she has been invaluable in terms of outreach and ideas for printing the programme. 

I also kept track of commercial barter companies - as solutions on a business-to-business level. 

All in all, I have learnt more about politics and economics than I ever thought I needed to know. In fact, in 1981, when I had the vision of a Peace Network of people and computers protecting our planet, I thought that peace had to do with politics and that politics was done by men. My thoughts and feelings have changed considerably since then, but I still run after my vision!

Sabine Kurjo McNeill
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