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Canon Peter Challen used to organise an annual economic forum for the Economical South London Industrial Mission before he retired - where I promoted LETS and discovered credit unions. 

Thanks to Richard Kay on the net, I discovered Canadian John Turmel, Pauline Morrissette and the Christian Council for Monetary Justice [CCMJ] in Crewe and vowed 'to make something happen in London'.  At that time, I was involved with the Global Internet Cafe near Piccadilly and organised a weekly 'money meeting' on Wednesdays because that was the only day that music teacher George Stephen could attend regularly.

Peter came to one such meeting and continues the tradition at Friends Meeting House beyond the closure of the Global Cafe. 

John Courtneidge also came one fine Wednesday, and at the first Bromsgrove meeting, we co-founded the Campaign for Interest-Free Money.

After Lord Sudeley attended one Wednesday meeting, the Forum for Stable Currencies was initiated at the House of Lords, where Peter applies his continuously improving computer skills to manage the growing list of email addresses as well as related activities.

Peter became the Chairman of the CCMJ and now writes: springs from 6 years of dialogue at the Global Open Table, our weekly companion to the Forum for Stable Currencies.  You are invited to examine it; aware that it is still under adjustment as the early comment and participation flows.

It attempts a worldwide integration of  progressive movements including monetary reform -- it's not enough to push just our own view of, say, monetary reform, complementary currencies or a sub-set of justice.  Progress will spring from co-operation with others working in the same direction and the GJM offers a framework within which we can all co-operate in reaching a comprehensive understanding of inclusive justice.  It's has potential to be BIG! Get in with it at the start!

As well as GJM's close kinship to, we also envisage a close alliance to two other websites: was launched recently and is an easily accessible Google-modelled search engine in the field of 'People, Society and Planet' and a vehicle for international barter with extensive information flows and the 'via' as a record of transactions.