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Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham became our sponsor after Lord Sudeley was not one of the 92 hereditary peers who remained after the House of Lords Reform.

Here's one of his cover letters:

12 December 1999

Please find enclosed a programme of debates at the House of Lords that I have been supporting for some time. They spring from the personal experience of Lord Sudeley whose family was made bankrupt 100 years ago by Lloyds. Sadly, his investigations have proven that the same reasons that led to his ancestor's tragedy are still in operation today. I have now taken over hosting the meetings.

As you will see a wide variety of topics are covered and at the meetings there is a healthy debate on these extremely important issues. Some might sound esoteric but the discussion is not as they are problems which effect us all, albeit at times without us knowing it. They include the structural problems of our monetary system because it is debt based, the malpractice of banks in the charging of interest, the difficulties of the distribution of money through interest charges and the laws relating to bankruptcies.

Last year our group submitted evidence to Lord Peston's Committee which looked into the workings of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee and we hope to give more evidence to them if the Committee is reformed in this session of Parliament. We are also looking at the possibilities of introducing and trying to influence legislation.

I hope you will find time to come to our meetings and take part if you want to. You would be most welcome.

Yours sincerely,

Lord Ahmed of Rotherham

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