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Austin Mitchell MP has been a sponsor of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and continues to support our activities at the House of Lords.

In June 2002 he tabled Early Day Motion 1515 "Using the Public Credit". In March 2003 he signed EDM 854 tabled by David Chaytor MP.

There are two websites that illustrate who Austin is and which causes he's passionate about: and with a 'weblog' of activities and possibilities for interaction.

Here's one of his cover letters to our programme of meetings:

Austin Mitchell MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA
November 1999

Dear Colleague,

Can I draw your attention to the enclosed programme of meetings in the House of Lords?   They cover the whole spectrum of issues relating to our debt-based monetary system, including credit, usury and the role and practices of banks, accountants, auditors and insolvency practitioners.

        These are subjects which are never adequately discussed. Such a conspiracy of silence only helps to bamboozle the people in a field where debtors are all too vulnerable and badly treated. Thinking which the banks and financial institutions would like to dismiss as unorthodox and dangerous (as it is to their interests) needs wider reach. 

        The Forum for Stable Currencies has organised a range of meetings appropriately in ' the other place'.  If the second chamber cannot sustain thinking which diverges from the orthodox then it has no real role.

        These meetings address fundamental issues concerning the way that money is created and distributed throughout society and how individuals can be made scapegoats for the excesses of a monetary system driven by the needs of major banking and financial institutions; needs which may not necessarily match those of society as a whole.

        They should be of interest to everyone concerned about unemployment, social exclusion, the exponential growth of debt in our society, how this credit is allowed to be created, in the way we treat debtors; and how people are often made the victims of the banks, through crippling bankruptcies, home and property seizures.

         Most importantly the views should be of interest to anyone who is interested in the issue of where really power lies in a system where governments nominally govern and protect the interests of the people, but where they are increasingly at  the mercy of globalisation, multinationals, over-powerful banks and currency speculators.

        The Forum for Stable Currencies provides a platform for these issues to be raised.  It allows both Parliamentarians and other citizens to air their views and inform themselves about issues often portrayed as intolerably complex which are we really quite simple. The aim is to make ours an economic  democracy as well as a political one.  We hope we can interest you in it.

Yours faithfully,

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