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The Forum developed at the House of Lords because of the bankruptcy of Lord Sudeley's great grandfather by Lloyd's in 1894 in Wales. Tragically, the same kind of principles are still at work today. Lord Sudeley's family is one of the oldest in Britain. His ancestor built the Houses of Parliament  and he used to guide students around the building on behalf of Sotheby's. Lord Sudeley was our host and continues to invite many of the speakers to our programme. Due to the reform of the House of Lords, he is not a member any more. 

Austin Mitchell MP has been a long standing supporter of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and thus became our Vice-Chairman. There are two websites that illustrate who Austin is and what he does and has been doing: and - the 'weblog' with copies of letters regarding Monetary Policy!

Donald Martin is a Company Director who has been a monetary reformer since the fifties and was asked to become our Chairman. 

Canon Peter Challen was elected Chairman of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and volunteered to become Minute Secretary. 

Lord Ahmed of Rotherham has taken over the role of sponsorship. As a muslim he knows that 'usury', the practice of lending money at interest, is a sin against god and his people. 

Sabine Kurjo McNeill is the Organiser. 

In December 1999, thanks to the kind donations of supporters, we have been able 
to print a programme of meetings and to distribute it to the House of Commons with a cover letter by Austin Mitchell MP  
and to the House of Lords by Lord Ahmed. 

Letter of Invitation from Lord Ahmed December 1999

A first cover letter from Lord Ahmed goes to the House of Lords. 

Subsequently, the programme has been distributed to both Houses of Parliament with cover letters signed by both. 

The Forum for Stable Currencies is unfunded and has no party-political goals. It is a loose and wide network of Parliamentarians and Concerned Citizens who represent a growing number of individuals and organisations internationally. People who have attended meetings cover the full political spectrum and all religious persuasions.

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