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Forum for Stable Currencies

Money Opportunities!

Monetary Alternatives 
for Ethical and Economic Democracy

Many innovative approaches to solving the problems have been worked out. You are encouraged to examine the following levels:

bulletINTER-NATIONAL: United Nations, G7, D8, EC, G15, Commonwealth, Agenda 21 Signatories agree to Cancel National Debts; Europe issues EURO as stable medium of exchange
bulletNATIONAL: Governments Issue Interest- and Debt-Free Money as a Public Service
bulletFINANCIAL: Banks pay a License Fee for the privilege of issuing money and don’t lend more than they’ve got: 100% Money rather than Fractional Reserve Banking
bulletSOCIAL: Citizens use Time Money and Barter Money as Virtual Currencies

The solutions to money, finance and economics are manifold. Paragraph 33 of Agenda 21 signed in 1992 by most governments in Rio, asks for innovative financial mechanisms. A commitment to economic democracy offers ample opportunities for action on many levels:

Politicians and Governments

bulletThe Big Issue - The Money Issue means the Treasury making use of the right to extend the aggregate called M0, the debt- and interest-free coins and notes in circulation
bulletThe Money Issue demands the ethical task of monitoring banks and financial institutions
bulletMoney as Medium of Exchange can complement Money as Scarce Commodity
to reflect the wealth of a nation’s natural resources and the activity of its citizens
bulletCharging Taxes and Distributing Welfare can be revisited in the light of money availability.

Multi-National Companies and International Organisations

bulletsophisticated barter systems can be introduced thanks to e-commerce
and credit card technology

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Barter means
cashfree exchange

Bartercard facilitates exchanges of products and services between companies


A Franchise with Headquarters in Australia
Established in Seven Countries
Trading for over 1 billion Tú ‘Trade Pounds’ a year

The Professional Version of LETS
The Model for Governments Interested in Economic Democracy
Doing with International ‘Trade Pounds’ what LETS Pounds do Locally

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Promoting Local Exchange Trade Systems

The Answer to Social Exclusion
The Solution for Anti-Poverty Strategies
The Action for Preserving Local Communities

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Forum for Stable Currencies
Advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from Debt

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For further information, please call 0207 328 3701
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