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The Forum for Stable Currencies promotes
monetary and banking reform to Parliamentarians through
regular lecture series and debates at the House of Lords, London, England.

The Forum for Stable Currencies is unfunded and has no party-political goals. It is a loose and wide network of Parliamentarians and Concerned Citizens who represent a growing number of individuals and organisations internationally. People who have attended meetings cover the full political spectrum and all religious persuasions.

Our Aims

To raise awareness, educate and inform about

¨      The social effects of legalised banking practice: shareholder values leading to overcharging ®  ‘failed’ foreign investment ®  overdraft cancellation at home ®  bankruptcies ®  unemployment ®  increasing public expenditure and National Debt or taxation

¨      The fundamental flaws in the debt-based system of national currencies in global capitalism: political democracy is compromised for financial control and the concentration of power is changing form political structures to unaccountable, unelected financial institutions

¨      The exponential nature of compound interest in the cyclical progression of national debts world-wide leading to unpayable debts ®  interest payments ® poverty ®  violence.

Our Objectives

¨      We lobby for legislation on 100% reserve policy to stop banks from multiplying money infinitely through credit

¨      We lobby the Treasury to issue interest-free notes and coins to spend into the economy

¨      We lobby for codified legislation to regulate banks’ malpractice of ‘bad lending’, ‘mis-selling’ or 'over-charging'. 

Our Context


“The Parliamentary Process needs to make certain that the Money Supply ensures its Value”   The Rt Hon Lord Caithness


Money should be the servant not the master of humanity.


Banks’ abilities to create money out of nothing must be curtailed.


Personal responsibility needs to be maximised.



A mailing list has grown to over 300 recipients.  If you want to be receive announcements and notes of our meetings, please email Canon Peter Challen.


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