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QUESTIONS to the Government regarding the BANKING OMBUDSMAN - posed by Austin Mitchell MP

  1. What are the terms of reference of the Ombudsman?
  2. What is the backlog of cases?
  3. How long does it take on average to determine a complaint?
  4. What percentage of complaints is resolved in favour of complainants?
  5. What is the average settlement awarded in favour of the complainant?
  6. What is the maximum sum which can be awarded in favour of a complainant?
  7. What are the resources available to the Ombudsman for each of the last five years broken down separately as to
    1. Qualified staff
    2. Admin staff
    3. Clerical staff
    4. Monetary resources
  8. How is the Ombudsman’s office funded and by whom?
  9. Why is it proposed to exclude the Banking Ombudsman from the Financial Services and Markets Bill?
  10. Why are High Street Banks and general lending institutions excluded from the supervision of the Bill?

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