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Feb 1 2000

Early Day Motions Relating to Financial and Monetary Issues

Please find enclosed the list of EDMs, including yours, together with our programme of events. This programme was sent to you before, with a cover letter from Austin Mitchell MP, as we hope to raise awareness among Parliamentarians to fundamental issues that desperately require political attention.

Please note that our programme addresses not only fundamental causes and problems but also effects and solutions. However, under our debt-based monetary system, there are only devastating effects to show for, some of which are to be redressed by EDMs. Yet many, if not all of them, would be unnecessary, if only the cause of debt-based capitalism was addressed.

You are therefore invited to attend our next meeting on Wednesday, February 9th, from 6pm to 9pm, where we continue to debate these issues. It will be held in the Grand Committee Room at the House of Commons. The agenda is enclosed below the list of EDMs.

There is not one single formula as a solution. As there are horses for courses, so there are different solutions for different economic contexts and appropriate political levels.

      Demanding the Government to issue and spend enough cash and coin (M0) to cover interest payments on the national debt, is a solution on a more structural and causal level.

      Amending the FSA Bill such that individual victims of the day-to-day business of banks can receive satisfaction, is a remedial solution at the level of legislation, but not causal.

      Issuing a Welsh Pound is one possible solution, given the context of Objective One funding.

Unveiling the myth of money creation, helping Bank Victims get justice, preventing bankruptcies and the resulting unemployment, home losses and divorces – these are among our objectives. The main causes of bankruptcies will be addressed by our speaker on Wednesday.

Looking forward to seeing you at some of our meetings,

Yours sincerely,


Sabine McNeill

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