bullet1 Question   What is Modern?

'Modern' means contemporary and up-to-date. It relates fundamentally to time.

Time is a very difficult concept, for it is intensely personal and our perception of time varies as we move from youth to maturity.

What is 'modern' is determined by trend setters, policy makers and opinion shapers whose outcome is broadcast via television and other mass media. But TV numbs and dumbs our thinking glands. It substitutes our powers of imagination with powerful images. Furthermore, news editors decide what is 'topical' by engulfing us into more and more bad news that require only short attention spans

"Modern Money Maths" uses the shortened capacity for attention spans by expressing thoughts in maps, formulae and charts rather than long winded texts. Instead of sound bytes and headlines it offers essential information and eye-catching visuals. Money maths requires addition and subtraction for our own bank accounts. It also requires percentage calculations for 'shares' and 'interest' on savings and loans. That's where maths over time sets in and the imbalance between short term gains and long term stability.

Mathematicians have put such calculations into easy formulae and programmers have made it easy for bankers and clients to use calculators and computers for compounding interest and interest over time.

"Modern Money Maths" shows ways of looking at money, politics and economics through

  • an in-depth analysis of linguistic terms
  • visual formulae for simplification
  • and bullet points for clarification.

As a book of demystification, it becomes a tool for empowerment with links to lots of like-minded people and organisations.

Modern Money Maths = Political Institutions + Economic Processes - Common Sense People