bullet1 Question   What can we do?

The problem with monetary reform is that you can't achieve anything.

It's all about education, education, education. - Austin Mitchell MP, Vice-Chairman of the Forum for Stable Currencies, October 2003

However, since I started the first Local Exchange Trading System in London in 1989, thousands of people have participated all over the world in similar schemes.

Since I discovered the Christian Council for Monetary Justice in 1997, hundreds of people have learnt about the devastating effects of the creation of money as interest bearing debts. The list of people who have attended meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies that I have organised since 1998, is reaching 400 names. The net and the web help us not only to disseminate information for educational purposes, it will also enable us to put alternatives into place.

Thus the last equation is:

Modern Money Maths = You + I setting up honest money systems + participating in them + ensuring exchange-ability with others.