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Acknowledged by the Attwood Award - October 30th, 2003
at the Birmingham and Midlands Institute


Hot on the web: The People v. the Banks - Three Class Actions by Forensic Litigation Specialist John R. Dempsey filed on January 21, 2005, March 14, 2005 and April 15, 2005 in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada.


1. Publicly-Created Money is our current Early Day Motion (EDM 390) which was tabled by Austin Mitchell MP on June 22nd 2005.

It is the fifth continued attempt to raise awareness among politicians and possibly journalists. Signed by 9 MPs, 2 of whom are Lib Dems who are behind three other related EDMs, it may signal that times are the best options trading platform changing: on the Gap between Rich and Poor and High and Low Level Earners (EDM 2 and 3) and  Miscellaneous Bank Charges (EDM 87).

WriteToThem is the easiest way to contact your MP, local councillor, London Assembly Member and European Member of Parliament. By typing in your postcode you will see four lists of names as electronic fax addresses.

Your Politicians

The next question is WHAT to write to them. makes suggestions for past EDMs which are still as valid for the current one. Happy writing!

Organising the Forum for Stable Currencies has been my 'social life with meaning' while my 'real life' was revisiting mathematics through the eyes of a system analyst. tells you more.

I wish that doubling aid and cancelling debt was the solution. But 'bank-created debt' is exported to developing countries and few people live long enough to have the distance and discipline to see the structural tension between governments and banks and mechanisms of interest compounding over time.

Compound interest is for the monetary system what CO2 is for the Earth's atmosphere: man-made and unsustainable.

Past Early Day Motions on Money Creation and Supply

Click here for an analysis of all 61 MPs and their signing pattern. The original texts with signatures can be found on by choosing the Parliamentary Session and clicking on the options trading platform free "Change Session" button.

Early Day Motion (EDM) 1515 was tabled by Austin Mitchell MP in 2002 and called for Using the Public Credit to solve problems of the Government’s budget.

EDM 1515 was signed by 24 MPs and EDM 854 had 29 MP signatories by the end of the Parliamentary Session.  These EDMs have thus set signals for understanding the mechanisms of the creation and supply of money in a Parliamentary context.

EDM 854, entitled Publicly Created Money, was tabled by David Chaytor MP in 2003 and asked for an Inquiry into possible benefits.

EDM 323, entitled Public Credit for Public Purposes, was tabled by Austin Mitchell MP on December 17th 2003 and ended with six signatures (now 20). Voters should bring the topic to the attention of their MP and invite Parliamentarians to appreciate the degree to which political life has become an economic or rather financial issue. EDM 323 again invites the Treasury to investigate the benefits of increasing the money supply through ‘publicly created money’.  

Use of Public Credit for Public Works (EDM 327) was tabled in 2004 and achieved 25 signatures.

EDM 743, Interest-Free Money, was tabled on February 22nd, 2005 and was signed by 22 MPs.

Publicly created money is inherently interest-free whereas interest on National Debt constitutes some £22 bn or 5% of taxpayers' money - generally similar to the military budget.  

Who benefits? And how does the exponential growth of compounding interest effect the country's economy when the Government's budget equals some 40% of the nation’s money supply?

2. How you Can Participate - Weekly Meetings in London and Email Lists

Prosperity - Freedom from Debt Slavery is a newsletter that is active along our line of thought.  You can subscribe to receive your monthly copy by mail.

Peter Challen, Chairman of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice, hosts the Global Table at Friends House opposite Euston Station every Wednesday, 11am - 12.45. Everybody is welcome to drop in and join current options trading sites discussions. He also writes notes of Forum meetings. Please email Peter, if you want to be kept informed.

The Crux of our Matter:

Here's a fine introductory audio presentation HOW MONEY IS CREATED
Choose "Download Audio" if you have a Quicktime plugin [if you haven't, a download link is provided]

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